Friday, 27 June 2014

Hentai High Cheerleader Tryouts off to a Roaring Start



Recently the Official Hentai High Cheer Squad rose from the dead/hiatus/infinite slumber of the old ones beneath the cursed city of r'yleh. Things got off to a rocky start at the first meeting after nearly the entire alloted time was spent just handling introductions with all the potentially interested parties

 The official HH Cheerleader uniform and Rio "working it"

Seduction displaying dangerous levels of school spirit

This last try out was far more successful as everyone got properly outfitted and gave out their own custom cheer (the only true test of one's inner pep). Of special note was Sakura's penis cheer which we have included for the benefit of our readers and the embarrassment of our editor

"I love penis. it taste great smoothered covered all over my face. filled with desire body feels on fire yay! i love penis!"

yeah, i imagine that's the face she'll make when she reads this too

So lets hear it for our cheer squad! lets get athletics back on its feet now so they have something to cheer at!

Sugoto is particularly excited

-Katsuragi Tobonoki

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Welcome to the inagural post of The Inkspot!

Unfortunately this is just a holding post so that people can come, look and go yup, this is in fact the correct place, and hey look. its a blog and everything!