Friday, 5 December 2014

Weekly Dear Inky~

Hello everyone! We shall be doing Weekly Dear Inky responses so remember to submit your questions to Serenity Semple (she'll forward them to Inky!) either in world or via the forums if you have a burning question! Sorry for the delay, Inky got carried away with some events!

Dear Inky,

OMG Winter Festival is this Sunday!!!??? WHAT DO?!

WTF (What the Festival)

 Dear WTF (What the Festival),

Woah! Calm down there, you still have time to prepare and don't HAVE to go on the first day! But let's review, Winter Festival is a weeklong event starting on Sunday. There will be many things to do, mingling, participating, lots! If you've been shy about finding a good excuse to hang out with a friend, or a certain special someone - this would be the ideal time to find some activities. Since Inkspot has their own booth, Inky is in on some exclusives! Some of the things you will run into at the festival are a skating rink, some food booths (wine tasting, café, hibachi, food stalls), events (tournaments, rituals, get togethers), games, Ferris wheel, and some general information booths. As well as support from our very own Medical and Security teams, in case you get hurt or need help! For suggestions on things like, what to wear, I'd advise to start dressing warmly - snow is coming and you don't want anything to get frostbit. For things like where to start, pace yourself and try to enjoy each offering if you can. This will be a great time to enjoy what many Homerooms, Staff, and Groups have to offer.

 Yours Truly,
Dear Inky

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