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Here at the Inkspot we want to get our campus pumped up about learning and in that spirit we now present you with 3 mini interviews from 3 of our hyper-dedicated teaching staff.. well most of em anyway...

Maia's one of the good ones though

Up first is Maia Leimoni, She can lei my... moni.. anytime?

Its a good thing she's also forgiving of awful jokes

KT :  "first off, what's your class about?"

Maia : About an hour, hour and a half if the subject matter is involved or I have too many volunteers. Maia giggles and winks.

KT : "that is.. that's not really the answer i was looking for to that question..."

KT :  "alright, you've been here forever i think, but why'd you come to HH and teach originally?"

Maia : Maia laughs. "Forever is a long time. But, in January, it'll be four seems like it. Anyway, to make a long story short, my school back in Hawaii closed down, and a lot of teachers were out of work, especially arts teachers like myself. I was running out of leads, but a friend encouraged me to try to go to Japan to teach English. The pay seemed good, and I'd been wanting to visit Japan anyway, so, over I came. I never did make it to that English school, though. Instead, I found a brochure for Hentai High, at its old location, just blowing on the wind and landing at my feet. So you could say it was fate! I came to visit...had my mind blown by the fact that cat people and aliens and robots do exist...but, before too long, this place became home. And where I've mostly been, ever since."

And we're glad to have her!

KT : "alright, final question. Where were you on the night of February 14th, 2014"

Maia : Wasn't that Valentine's Day? I was probably with Khrona, showing her how much I love her! 
KT : "was it? oh wow, how about that! i just picked that day at random!"





Up next we have our resident herbology expert! Teotihuacan, a naga from the boiling jungles. Lets skip straight to the interview!



Teotihoo... teata..teatenhukakan?

The people are waiting in rapt attention

KT : first off, whats your class all about?

Teo : "Ah... Well, I teach Herbalism and Herbology, which is about the medical applications of herbs, which actually covers a much, much wider range of plants than you might think, and I was also going to try and see if there was any interest in a Dendrology class... er, the study of wooded plants."

He's knows a lot about wood! laaaaadddiiiees~

KT : That's an entire field of study just for like, trees?.. well anyway, what brought you to HH? shipwreck? itchy feet? work release?

Teo : He clears his throat. "Mmh. Truth be told, I was... incarcerated nearby. Transferred from a Brazilian prison to a private one equipped to handle magic-wielding inmates."
Teo : "I was only recently released, and decided to look to the school for.... redemption. And a paycheck."

Okay! i'll be good! no more stupid jokes in the captions!

KT : "eek.. my last question was going to be a joke one about -where were you on the night of february 14th, 2014 but now that just seems in bad taste..."

Teo: He laughs! "Well. I was in prison. And yes, dendrology primarily covers trees, though it also includes shrubs and bushes. Anything with wood, really. They called me the Lorax in lockup."

KT : "what an adorable nickname!.. it really doesnt suit you at all, but our students will just have to show up and decide for themselves i guess!"



And finally, last but not least (Especially if the rumours are true) we have our resident encyclopedia, our history teacher Shanks!



He looks thrilled to be here...

KT : "Same question as before! What's your class all about?!"

SNK : "Before? Oh, i guess i'm the last teacher.. Uh, its about history. I mean, i'm assuming you all took it in high school, we're just going a little more in depth. I'd like to say it'll teach you to not repeat the lessons of the past but mostly its just us gawking at how absolutely batshit our forebears were."

would you believe over half of them arent even asleep?!

KT : "You seem to really love this whole history jazz. Is that why you came to HH?"

SNK "Actually no. I came here to be a student like everyone else but they misfiled me or something. before i knew it i had a class scheduled that i was expected to go teach. Since then i've just been rolling with it. Just have to stay one week ahead of the class"

"and so the charade continues"

KT : "That's not a very good strategy.... Anyway! Where were you on the night of February 14th, 2014"

SNK : "Um... Asleep probably. I do that a lot. I feel like its a pretty safe bet"

He's asleep right now in fact. its a miracle of physics that he stays standing

And that's all we have for now folks! Stay tuned for comics, features, and Calendar girls! Oh my!



Pictures by - ゴールディ Goldie

Interviews by - Katsuragi Tobonoki

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