Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Weekly Dear Inky~

Hello everyone! We shall be doing Weekly Dear Inky responses so remember to submit your questions to Serenity Semple (she'll forward them to Inky!) either in world or via the forums if you have a burning question!

Dear Inky,

 I'm really not sure what Homeroom to join.. I don't know where I fit in, and may not match perfectly. What should I do?

 Homeroom Bound

Dear Homeroom Bound,

 I'm assuming you already tried the Homeroom quiz we have on the forums? If that doesn't help you can always try to head towards one of the homeroom meet and greets or events they hold! Remember the Homerooms are available to everyone on the first floor of them, second floors you would need a guide (someone's who's a member of the homeroom to help you get up there). It can be nice to just take your time, you don't HAVE to join a Homeroom but maybe finding some friends who are in the same one may help you too. Experience, enjoy, and live life and your path should be clear to you with time!

Yours Truly,
Dear Inky

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